Kevin Guebert

đź‘‹ I'm a software developer helping to craft beautiful experiences for the web and mobile*

*Available for contract work, freelancing, moonlighting, or weekend projects.

Projects & Tutorials

Harvy (Web)
React & Firebase
The web version of Harvy is all about planning your run ahead of time. With the ability to draw out your route on a map, Harvy correlates music to your drawn route and gives you finer control of what music you want to listen to while you run.
Harvy (iOS)
Swift & ReactNative
On your iPhone, Harvy is a live tracker that tracks your pace, time, and mileage while also queuing up music while you run. Sounds like magic, right?
Winner of the 2019 ProductHunt No-Code Makers Festival, Emoodji was built with Coda to track a user's mood over time using the PANAS method.
BPM Explorer
The very first product in the Harvy suite, the BPM Explorer allows you to search for any song and receive the BPM. Simple enough.
Latest Article
Updating Multi-reference Fields with Zapier & Webflow

This past week while integrating Zapier and Webflow, I became surprised to learn that updating reference and multi-reference fields did not work right out of the box. After spending more time than I wanted on it, I was able to make it work for both single reference and multi-reference. This post is only about multi-reference as single-reference is actually "easier."


Now that I have my own LLC I am able to take on more projects and more roles - you may notice multiple "current" positions.

Outside Magazine
Web Developer

Outside Magazine is a leading publication in the outdoor and fitness industry. As a web developer, I help maintain, enhance, and build the online presence.

Aug 2017 — Current
Interview Engineer

Karat specializes in helping make technical interviews fair and objective. As an interview engineer I conduct the first round technical interviews and provide objective reports on the result of the interview.

Oct 2019 - Current
iOS Mobile Developer

As an iOS developer in a larger company, I learned how to work on enterprise applications, large teams, and on a global project.

Apr 2016 — Aug 2017
Web & iOS Developer

A now failed Atlanta startup, I built a web application using Ruby on Rails and an iOS app using Swift to help parents find activities for their children.

Apr 2015 — Oct 2016

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Owning my own business allows me the opportunity to brainstorm, discuss, and work with many people and companies. Interested in talking? Virtual coffee? Want to brainstorm? Let me know, I'll be sure to respond in 1 business day.

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