Aww New Tab - Part III

Welcome back! To my new friends and my old, I'm glad you're back to embark on another Aww New Tab journey. I'm so very proud to announce another updated version of our favorite new tab extension today that I hope you will love as much as I do.

For those of you who don't quite care about the newest features and some back story - "I just want it now!" - the click the link below!

Chrome Webstore

For everyone else though...

A brief history

Since Aww New Tab was first released back in June of 2015 and then to the world in November of 2015, there has been a plethora of requests, issues, and praise for the extension. In the past year technology has grown, I've grown, and thankfully Aww New Tab has grown too.

Here was version 1:

Version 1

And then version 2, which most of you may know a bit more:

Version 2

And look where we are now!

Version 3

Looks pretty familiar, right? Well let's dive into the extension and the updates then.

Existing Features

A clean design

Okay maybe not much of a feature, but the success of Aww New Tab is partly due to the simplicity. The time and an image. Let's keep it that way.

Choose your source

Unfortunately in this latest release, NASA images was put on the chopping block. In version 2 it was actually not working anymore as NASA updated their API and I seemed to have missed that email. Luckily though the two main sources still exist:

  • Giphy - the gif hosting website
  • Unsplash - the image hosting website

But do note, still as my "terms and conditions" of sorts - these images are completely random. Unsplash is completely 100% random and Giphy is random based off of your categories. The only semi-curated mode is work mode, we will get to that soon.

Choose your gifs

The highlight of the extension - choose your favorite gif category to have displayed. Of course this is not changed as this is the highlight of the extension! Some of the favorites over the past year include:

  • Cat fails
  • Emma Watson & Taylor Swift
  • Astronomy & Space Exploration
  • Corgi Puppies
  • Rupaul

Favorite Gifs

Updates & Enhancements

The moment we've all been waiting for!

Share Share Share

Probably the most requested and talked about feature, Aww New Tab now supports manipulation of your background. Here are your options:

  • Open in new tab
  • Save
  • Copy URL

Share Gif

So now if you see a gif that you have to share, go up into the top right corner to use it however you wish!

Hidden (possible) feature: Another semi-working/works sometimes/I don't know the use cases for when it doesn't work and does work, is the ability to drag and drop. It sometimes worked in Google Hangouts, it sometimes worked in Facebook Messenger, and it sometimes worked in iMessage. So maybe try it out, share some feedback.

Work Mode

Boss walking by? Have a big presentation and don't want your class to know you have a huge crush on Prince Harry? Well go ahead and enable Work Mode - a simple feature that will only display Unsplash images until you turn it off. Don't worry - these will be PG.

Work Mode

Size Customization

Gifs are weird shapes - you have square ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones, large ones, and small ones. Well it is now up to you how you would like to see these gifs. Do you just want a full screen centered gif? That is the default setting. But if you want to see the full gif, head on over to Settings -> Display Settings and update it to Fit in Screen

Fit in Screen

Color Customization

You know how sometimes there is a brief flash of grey whenever you load the new tab? Well that is tough to control - the old new tab was sending a request every time, had to load the request, etc. Well sometimes there still may be a flash of grey even though we have a performance update, but now you can change that color!

Open up the Settings Panel, head over to Display Settings and at the bottom you can change the color!

Change the color

Bring Back the fun

So welcome and welcome back! I hope you enjoy the experience in your Chrome browser with Aww New Tab.

Chrome Webstore

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